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Aquarelle de Carole Epiney
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The humanist approach in psychology seemed obvious to me starting with my first professional experiences. The discovery of another person's world, their strengths and weaknesses, requires the greatest respect and sensitivity. As soon as I read the writings of Carl Rogers and The Person-Centred Approach (see My Approach ), I knew that I had found the approach that suited me, not only in terms of professional values, but also considering philosophical or spiritual dimensions. For more than twenty years, this approach and its values ​​have been part of my own development, both on personal and professional levels.

​"I am scared, but I will try!" has often been a phrase present to my mind. This led to a multitude of professional and personal experiences, in Switzerland and abroad, that have influenced my practice as a psychologist.

I originally trained in the field of social work. My first professional experiences were in the fields of social precarity, substance use and adolescence, in various residential settings and at the CHUV (in hospital and outpatient environments) in particular. Quite naturally, these experiences increased the desire to deepen my understanding of the psychological and therapeutic dimensions of the human being. I therefore decided to get a bachelor's and a master's degree in psychology (master's degree in psychopathology and clinical psychology obtained in 2012), then to continue with a specialist training in Psychotherapy (in person-centered approach).

I spent a few years in Ireland working in the field of precariousness and homelessness and then in a rehabilitation unit as a counsellor and social worker. Back in Switzerland I worked for five years as a Psychologist in the addiction medicine unit of the CHUV in which my activities covered individual and group support, research activities, and the development of a psychologist activity "in the community" at a center for people who use substances and alcohol.

In 2019 and 2020, I have been working in a private practice (delegation of a Psychiatrist). I then worked as a School Psychologist (secondary school level) and started an independent practice in parallel, with all types of problematics and disorders, with adults, young adults or adolescents. 

Since obtaining the Psychotherapist postgraduate federal title in 2021, I work full time in the practice that I created, Ocytopsy, in Lausanne.



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